Custom Clubs

Custom Clubs


Your Golf Swing did not come off of an assembly line so neither should your equipment.

In any athletic venture the participant will perform better and to peak efficiencies if their equipment is properly fit to their personal type and style. As a True Temper Performance Fitting Center – CV Golf will evaluate your golf abilities and design golf equipment that will allow you to perform at the best of your ability. We can customize your equipment from your Driver to the Putter to allow you to improve your over all golf game. “Customization does not mean Expensive” and it will allow you to perform at a peak performance level.

CV Golf Custom Club Fitting Credentials and Repair Services

  • True Temper Performance Fitting Center
  • Certified Rifle Golf Shaft Technician
  • Swing Science Club Fitting Program
  • Swing Science Putter Fitting Center
  • Specialized equipment for Adaptive Golf
  • Re-gripping, re-shafting, and all types of club repair

  Technical Equipment

  • Video Analysis
  • Flex Master Golf Shaft Analyzer
  • Golf Shaft Spine Finder
  • Vector Pro Launch Monitor
  • Inter-changeable Driver Shaft Technology