Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness


Every golfer wants better distance, accuracy, and consistency – in short, a better golf game. That’s why golf training aids represent a huge industry and we spend countless hours at the driving range perfecting our swings, honing our short games, and trying endless new approaches and techniques to help improve our handicaps. And while it’s true that the right equipment, flawless technique, and hours of practice can vastly improve any golfer’s game, one of the most effective golf game improvement strategies remains one of the most overlooked: golf fitness.

Benefits of Golf Fitness

Golf is a game of mechanics. With each swing of the club, you enlist your body as a machine to align and accelerate your club head to and through a specific point – the ball. To accomplish this feat, your skeleton serves as a series of levers and joints, powered by more than 22 muscles, to propel your golf club.

It’s curious that despite the fact that no two swings are identical, so many different golfers can achieve similarly good results. The single best swing technique is impossible to pinpoint, but the single common denominator among the majority of the world’s greatest golfers is simple to spot: golf fitness.

You can tirelessly work on the mechanics of your golf game, but if you don’t have a well-oiled machine to execute those mechanics you will never realize optimal results. That is to say, without an excellent golf fitness regimen you will never reach your potential as a golfer. You must prepare your body for golf.

Benefits of an excellent golf fitness program include:

  • Increased strength and flexibility to reduce strain.
  • Enhanced overall health for increased stamina and reduced fatigue.
  • A fine-tuned body for decreased injury risk, saving your calves, knees, back, neck, arms, wrists, and shoulders from painful and limiting injuries.
  • Training of golf-specific muscle groups but also your whole body so you can play 18 holes effortlessly – and even tackle otherwise grueling 36-hole days with ease.

You’ve read about the remarkable strides you can make in your golf game by following a well-prepared golf fitness program. You’ll enjoy life-long health benefits by engaging in a sound golf fitness program. The sweetest part of golf fitness that it not only lowers your handicap for a better golf game, it helps you enjoy a better life. Improved golf scores mean you’re happier on the course; improved health means you’re happier in your life. Contact us today and let CV Golf get you in the best golf shape of your life!

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